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A little of history…

Kep, or Kep-sur-Mer as it was known at the time of the protectorate, is a small town located in southern Cambodia, a few kilometres from the border with Vietnam.

The foundation of Kep goes back to 1908 with the French elite who settled there to make it the most prestigious seaside resort in all Cambodia. It was renovated in the sixties by Prince Norodom Sihanouk who had had a beautiful house built overlooking the Gulf of Thailand. The city is booming in the early seventies until the Khmer Rouge took power in 1975. At the time, it had more than 2000 villas.

During the Khmer Rouge years of power, many French colonial houses and villas in Kep were destroyed. Many of these mansions are still abandoned today but some of the old splendour of the city is still well and truly visible.


  • A day boat trip in the Kep’s Bay
  • Relax on Rabbit Island
  • Visit and taste crab at the crab market
  • The salt fields
  • The pepper plantations
  • The rice fields and the countryside
  • A day with your motorcycle, bicycle or with a horse
  • The Kampong Trach caves
  • The city of Kampot and its surroundings
  • The Bokor National Park

Our Hotel & Resort in the middle of a splendid region

The Riviera Hotel & Resort is today in the heart of Kep and its beautiful province. The sea is the main attraction and all our rooms have a view on Kep’s Bay.

But the region is full of other treasures. You will be able to walk, bike or motorbike but also horseback throughout the region. On the red dirty roads, you will contemplate the changing colours with the seasons of the beautiful rice fields of Kep. You will be surprised and admiring in front of the salt marshes that extend to the border with Vietnam.

Also, hikers will discover the fauna and flora of the Kep National Park that runs along the entire bay. Kep is also a good place to visit the pepper plantations and come taste it in the many restaurants next to the typical “Crab Market”.


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Kep's Bay

Kep Beach

Tasting of crab at the crab market

Countryside around Kep

Countryside around Kep

Salt fields

Visit of a pepper plantation

Villas abandonner all around Kep

Dolphin's statue

Rabbit Island

Sunset in Kampot

Bokor National Park


  • Tour organisation in the region
    • Bike
    • Motorbike
    • Boat
    • Horse
  • Booking for Taxi or bus
  • Rent a bike, motorbike
  • Tuk-Tuk service
  • Swimming Pool
  • Pool Bar
  • Restaurant à la carte (Khmer & french cuisine)
  • Wifi
  • Credit card payment
  • Free parking for your car/motorbike
  • Luggage storage